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Enterprise Culture

      TIANSHENG is still young but it is gradually grown up because through its development TIANSHENG has always been following the human oriented business philosophy and culture. All our staff members know that TIANSHENG is a private enterprise and moreover a private enterprise of every staff! It is a consensus by the TIANSHENG people that "Teamwork is a soul of the company, quality if the life and only through technology innovation we can develop". And it is the tradition and culture of TIANSHENG. From the original establishment, TIANSHENG has gathered many best technical and managerial talent in the industry and they are playing their own wisdom and strength in different positions, constantly promoting TIANSHENG towards a higher goal.

Service policy
      As a professional company in the production of pipes for oil field, oil pipes and boring tools and oil exploration and development technology services, Tiansheng Petroleum Pipe Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. has always been following the"Human oriented, quality first, excellent in service and credit first" policy and constant innovation. At present TIANSHENG is hammering at building worldwide brandname products and setting a good image in the oil market both at home and abroad.
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